Hi, my name is Adam and I'm a 22 year old video editor. I live near Cambridge in the UK.
I use an iPhone 4s and Canon EOS 70D.
I love working between nature and technology, art and abstract, minimal and intricate.
Please send me a message if you wish to use or purchase any of my pictures.
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Autumn Double Exposures

I thought it might be worth going into my process when it came to trying something out for the very first time! As few people will know, I’m new to using my Canon EOS70D (I used to just mostly my iPhone before!) and I love the new features it brings. Such as the double exposure feature!

I thought I’d try it out for the first time in Autumn. I figured what better season to try it; there’s stark contrasts, beautiful colours and interesting textures. All of these, perfect for exposing one image onto another.

I love having the sun in my pictures. It also offered immense contrast between the tree line and the sky, as well as the protruding shadows. I didn’t use a tripod on this particular shot, I love handheld photography and being highly mobile. I took the second exposure with the camera upside down. I have included a picture I took (and processed slightly differently) of the same scene without the double exposure.

I used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 to bring in some browns and oranges by using the white balance. I bumped up the contrast, clipped the blacks and whites and lowered the exposure. This brought the sky out and pulled the whole frame together. 

I love creating abstract scenes while retaining natural elements and I feel my strongest area lies in processing. I’m looking forward to trying Double Exposures again, this was my first time trying it and having learned so much, I’m happy with the results!

Adam - stereocolours

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