I found this little guy on my walk today. Wasn’t sure what was wrong with the little critter but I found a blackberry in the nearby bush and gave them it. Look how adorable they are!!! 😱
Does anyone know why they might be out in the open like this?

I thought i’d also expand on this, since it may be related. I absolutely 100% support aggregators, sharers and curators. I love you guys, you get my work where it is appreciated most. You spend your time seeking out work and you put real time and effort into making sure it’s appreciated and supported correctly. Besides, this is why I post my work online, to share it with the world. I don’t want to keep it all to myself. Why would I choose a blogging platform if I had any issue with people sharing my work? The people who do a good job know fine well that I support them, and I also like to support what they do myself.

It’s such a small, minority of people who cause issues within these social networking sites. Whether or not they know about it is what makes it really difficult for us to deal with, and it’s why I like to try make posts to bring awareness to it. I want to improve the system and make it easier for everyone. It’s a passion of mine, both shooting and sharing, and I think it’s worth everyone’s time to make sure it’s as good as it can be.

Now I’m off to go listen to some music and enjoy the last 2 minutes of my Saturday night! :)

Adam - Stereocolours

I’m going to make it very clear that ‘re-editing’ an artists work does not fall through as giving you the original rights to the artwork, give you ownership of your piece or give you any right to claim that work as your own. You should always ask the original artist for permission. Even so, it’s still correct to add a link to the original piece. It takes, what, 10 seconds to write a short message asking them; “Hey, this work is pretty neat, I have some ideas that I want to explore so can I play around with it, I’ll give credit, and I don’t plan on using it for anything other than for personal use”. Even if they say no (and this is entirely up to them to do so, especially if they are selling their work) you might just make their day. Not only because you made them happy that you’re liking their work, but because you asked.

I hate making these posts, I really do, but I’d rather say something than nothing. Why is it so much easier to commit these offences than it is to report, reduce or correct them..? This is not just a Tumblr thing either, usually my Tumblr requests are fairly quick (thanks for that Tumblr, you do support this stuff fairly well, unlike many other social apps and sites- which actually assume you want to take a simple accusation or case to court… As if we have time and money for that). I just figured i’d post it up here. 

This takes up more time, effort and stress than you would think it should. I’m not naming people (yet) so this is just a general post bringing attention to something that was never really explained to many people.

I’m also taking this time to thank those who do correctly source, support and communicate with other artists. I love you all and to meet and work with people like you is a genuine pleasure.

Also, thanks for all the amazing comments lately on my posts and pictures. I wish there was an easier way to reply to you all without writing text posts each time :(

I took some really cool pictures in a field tonight. Had a friend helping as well which was a nice change! Mostly portraits. Started off cloudy, light and warm, ended up clear, dark and cold! you could see the Milky Way with your naked eye, just about. Perfect way to start and end I think.

I wish I could have spent all night up there, but I had to get home or i’d never sleep for work. I had so many ideas and the conditions were changing by the minute, it was pretty exciting!

Let’s hope I get something good!

I have oh so many portraits of myself that ‘I don’t like’, landscapes slightly ‘not quite right’ and exposures of the night sky that ‘I’m not so sure about’. I will never upload these, and it makes me sad. I need a ‘not sure’ pool, which is half way between uploaded and ‘no the world may never see this’.