That first breath of fresh, outside air in the mornings is always the best. Each day, a different smell, each season, a different memory.

Thanks for the travel suggestions everyone :) I was hoping to stick to the UK, but it’s still nice to have some others sent in! Iceland is definitely on my list. I’ll keep you posted if I do happen to take this any further, would be pretty cool to maybe meet up with some of you and have a photography meet up!

I’m considering taking some time off work and using it to go on short trips around England. I figured i’d see if I could find places fairly close to home to expand my picture map and discover some new favourite spots to shoot. 

Any photographer friends here from the UK have any recommendations? I’m thinking about just a few short stops, maybe a day or two at most. I’ll spend some time taking pictures and exploring the different parts. Maybe I can move towards other countries after this too. I was planning it this Summer but things got a bit busy, so it might be an Autumn / Winter thing! :)

What are your favourite places to visit or shoot?

Light Pollution by Adam Marshall
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I thought i’d upload these fairly old ‘experimental’ pictures “for Science”. I love taking pictures of the night sky, especially when there are just a few layers of clouds to add a sense of scale, distance and movement into the scene. 
I thought i’d mention just how important it is to consider location and weather when it comes to taking pictures of the night sky. When you have a fine layer of mist in the atmosphere, or lots of clouds, the light pollution can completely throw off the entire colour balance of a shot, particularly in longer exposures. Sometimes, if you’re prepared for it, you can get an incredible orange sheen over your entire image. In most cases though, you will want to shoot far away from civilisation. It all depends on the shot and what you’re trying to achieve. On this particular trip, I figured i’d see what I could capture, and came out with some interesting colours and shots. It’s always worth trying something new, even if it’s not you your desired effect! Part of me likes these shots, part of me says there’s a reason I left them on my hard drive for so long. For Science! 

Anonymous: When in '91 did you meet earth? And when did you take the first photo you were legitimately proud of?

It is interesting that you should ask, because today (14th September!) is actually my birthday! Wooo :) 23 years ago today, I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. 

As for my first picture which I was legitimately proud of… Good question! There’s one which I took on my Samsung PL55 which I actually really loved (and still do). I still like it because it still reflects my taste in photography right up to today! You can actually find it here, in the archives of my Flickr account. 
It’s not that old, but I loved the picture, and I was genuinely proud of the shot. 

cuklev: your photos are so amazing :) are you use vsco apps about photos ?

Thank you! :)
I use Lightroom for 99% of my pictures, Photoshop for the other 1% or major edits. I sometimes use presets that I made myself to get a general feel or idea of what style I want to go with when editing a picture. Other than that, all manually edited.